My name is Carolyn, and I am a law school graduate. A Juris Doctor, but not yet an Esquire. I embarked on the law school journey many years ago, after completing a B.A. in English; after spending several years in the real working world…with all of you.

People often asked what I planned to do with an English degree. I knew what I didn’t want to do (teach elementary school!!) I knew what I wasn’t likely to do (whispers of the decline in tenured professorships haunted me—although—wouldn’t that have been cool!?) I knew what I wanted to do (POETRY, YES!) And maybe some reading? Research?

But, how does one live on poems?

I ended up in food service. I did EVERYTHING:

· Hostess

· Waitress (fine dining, cocktail, and banquet server)

· Busboy

· Bartender (and barback)

· Dishwasher

· Barista

· Line Cook (and prep cook)

· Room Service

· Food Runner

I worked HARD. The food industry is no joke. (Side Note: Please tip your servers!) The job is physically demanding and rigorous. 14-hour shifts on the regular. Meals consumed while standing (years later I still forget to sit at the dining room table). Unforgiving crowds in the front of the house, brutal cooks in the back, miserable side-work everywhere in between.

Food servers are the bridge between our leisure social party time and the steamy, angry chaos that is the commercial kitchen. Food servers are typically paid $2.50 an hour.

I will end my plea for the wait staff here…for now.

I do hope you will enjoy my blog. I promise I will have a focus, and I hope you will enjoy the time you spend with me here. I aim to present to you my knowledge (here I am, getting back on track) that I gained during my law school journey. I choose to do this for two reasons: 1) in preparation for that massive hurdle called the bar, which upon passing will endow me [finally] with that Esq., and 2) to share this living body of law with you.

Why might one wish to learn the anatomy of the law? Because it is the skeletal system of our society. It frames our interactions and provides the floor upon which we stand. It bridges the organs of our daily existence. It allows our collective heart to beat protected behind stone and marble ribs.

Our laws grow, change, and evolve, with our collective ‘we’. This change is slow and subtle, like the aspiration of trees. But this body is alive, and will adapt with our global conscious. Change is necessary and good, but it takes years for water to carve stone. Our current laws are worth knowing, as they will likely structure our society for some time to come.

Enough about me, for now. I hope to add detail to my story as we begin this journey.  Along the way, I hope that you will watch this skeleton transform into a living body. I hope that together, we flesh out the evolution of our societal framework. I hope to start building on these bones.

Thank you for traveling with me,